Gain In-demand Skills

Learn everything you need to build websites and applications and become a full stack developer with the needed digital skills for the future.
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What we believe in
Regardless of your prior coding knowledge, you can learn the methods of programming and start to code now.

Gamified Learning Experience

Even if you are new to the world of coding and programming, you can still learn to code and pursue a career in web and app development. RoboGarden's globally recognized game-based platform will engage the students in the bootcamp’s content and give them the opportunity to learn the skills needed to become full stack developers who can develop websites and applications.

Comprehensive Bootcamps
Learn material in our interactive, game-based environment without being overwhelmed, giving you a solid foundation for an evolving career in the digital workforce.
Relevant Digital Skills
Graduate knowing you have the right skills for the digital workforce today and the know-how to remain relevant for further earning potential tomorrow.
Future Growth Potential
Grow your skill set to confidently tackle problems while becoming an efficient and effective lifelong learner, ensuring career relevancy.

RoboGarden Bootcamps at Parkland College

Web & App Developer

Learn the skills you need to build a website from concept to design and understand the entire web creation process. Learn to code and discover the skills needed to build your own website or application in 11 or 22 weeks.